Setup an SSH SOCKS proxy!

Submitted by rmiddle on Wed, 04/15/2009 - 19:24

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What you’ll need

    * An SSH server to act as your proxy.
    * An SSH client on the computer you’re using.

Start your SSH tunnel

The command to run on your linux / mac client in a terminal window is :

ssh -ND 9999

For Windows it’s as simple as browsing to the directory you saved plink to and running

plink.exe -N -D 9999

Of course, you’re going to replace the you with your username on your SSH server and with your server domain name or IP address. What that command does is accept requests from your local machine on port 9999 and hands that request off to your server at for processing.

Set Firefox to use SOCKS proxy

PS: Remember that you’ll need to open your firewall a bit by cracking open port 9999 on your local machine and port 22 on your server for SSH.

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